McMinn County is Offering Businesses Local Incentives!

23 Nov 2022


The McMinn County Economic Development Authority (MCEDA) is offering Tennessee businesses in our country many local incentives to help your business thrive! The MCEDA wants all businesses located here to make it here! One of the ways we help with this is by offering help when it comes to educating you on the incentives that are available that can help with your business economically!

McMinn County’s Local Incentives are Helping Businesses Thrive Here!

The MCEDA partners with other local governing bodies to offer local incentives to new and pre-existing businesses in our community. Some local incentives provided include our Industrial Development Bonds, Payment in Lieu of Tax Program (PILOT), Tax Increment Financing Program (TIF), and more! The MCEDA website offers detailed information on these local incentives to McMinn County businesses. Click here to learn more about our local incentives and how they may help your business today!