National Nonprofit Day: Appreciating McMinn County’s Nonprofits Today and Every Day

National Nonprofit Day: Appreciating McMinn County’s Nonprofits Today and Every Day Main Photo

17 Aug 2023


Today is National Nonprofit Day which is celebrated annually every August 17th. It is a day to honor and recognize the work of the individuals who run these nonprofits, who commit their time and energy towards respectable causes. The McMinn County Economic Development Authority team is incredibly thankful for the nonprofit organizations in our region!

Nonprofit Organizations Boost Local Economies

According to Cause IQ, the total of nonprofit organizations in the U.S. is currently 1.8 million with foundations, schools, and churches accounting for approximately 40 percent. A report—Nonprofits: America’s Third Largest Workforce by Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies—found that the nonprofit sector is the third-largest employer in the nation, paying more than $670 billion in wages in 2017. Because nonprofits create so many employment opportunities, they have a profound effect on national, state, and local economies.

Nonprofit organizations contributed $1.5 trillion to the economy in the first quarter of this year, according to Independent Sector’s Health of the U.S. Nonprofit Sector: A Quarterly Review from June 30th. With this and their high employment rates, it’s no wonder nonprofits are essential to economic progress throughout the U.S. and in smaller regions like McMinn County. 

How to Support McMinn County Nonprofits

Nonprofit organizations not only provide employment opportunities, but they also raise awareness about important causes and offer assistance to those in need. They deserve the utmost respect as they continue to create positive change across the world. 

McMinn County has a host of wonderful nonprofits that you can support. While we encourage McMinn County residents to volunteer or make donations to these nonprofits, there are other ways that you can support them, too.

Nonprofits can easily receive more attention through shares on social media. Whether you share a story about your donation or information about the cause that is most dear to your heart, it's a simple way to spread the word about nonprofits.

Business owners can partner with local nonprofits to stay involved in the community. By promoting a nonprofit partner organization in McMinn County, you are also helping to grow the region’s economy.

Keep researching McMinn County’s current needs and specific areas that could use some upgrading. Find environmental projects, senior care activities, soup kitchen events, and more charitable tasks that you can participate in or share with friends and family. Discover other approaches to supporting McMinn County nonprofit organizations this National Nonprofit Day.

Thank You to All of the McMinn County Nonprofit Organizations!

Here at the McMinn County Economic Development Authority, we are dedicated to continuously enhancing the quality of life for McMinn County residents. We are grateful for the abundance of nonprofits in the area that offer assistance to residents in need, ultimately contributing to the improvement of their well-being. 

We think that National Nonprofit Day should be celebrated every day. Follow some McMinn County nonprofits on social media to support and show your appreciation for their constant efforts in bettering our community.